About Us

We present live, free-admission Shakespeare plays at Springfield Art Museum's outdoor amphitheatre every summer since 2013.

Contact us at media@springfieldshakes.com


Audtions for Much Ado About Nothing will be held April 9 & 10 at the Creamery Arts Center

About the Bard

"It is sometimes suspected that the enthusiasm for Shakespeare's works shown by some students is a fiction or a fashion. It is not so. The justification of that enthusiastic admiration is in the fact that every increase of knowledge and deepening of wisdom in the critic or the student do but show still greater knowledge and deeper wisdom in the great poet. When, too, it is found that his judgment is equal to his genius, and that his industry is on a par with his inspiration, it becomes impossible to wonder or to admire too much." - George Dawson (1821-1876), Shakespeare and other lectures

"In Shakespeare the birds sing, the bushes are clothed with green, hearts love, souls suffer, the cloud wanders, it is hot, it is cold, night falls, time passes, forests and multitudes speak, the vast eternal dream hovers over all. Sap and blood, all forms of the multiple reality, actions and ideas, man and humanity, the living and the life, solitudes, cities, religions, diamonds and pearls, dung-hills and charnelhouses, the ebb and flow of beings, the steps of comers and goers, all, all are on Shakespeare and in Shakespeare." - Victor Hugo (1802-1885), William Shakespeare